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Perfect Classes is the best coaching centre for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. At Perfect Classes we takes education to a whole new level. Best coaching in bareilly for icse, cbse, isc boards. Perfect Classes imports quality education to the students preparing for all classes, with the sky high ideal and commitment to excellence. It values system revolves around truth transparency, and commitment we present to you what we are. Build a deep, well founded and good understanding in mathematics and science.

Maths and science

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    Here your child’s personal guide is MR. NAVIN BHATIA who has a experience of 20+ years of teaching Maths and Science. That’s why we call it the PERFECT CLASSES FOR YOUR CHILD. We focus on the child’s personal growth.

    If we feel that the student need more practice in maths and science we give them extra classes for the particular subject.

    Visit the profile freely and connect with the fantastic teacher according to your criteria (Prices, Reviews, Classes at home, Online Classes and Group Batches). Teacher will get back to you within hours. Freely schedule a demo class with the teacher.


    Maths Classes

    My vision is to become a supporter for students to help them achieve their goals and fly in the sky and do the best in their lives. To provide a positive environment to help students to build the foundation of their future success by helping them to become independent learners.


    Science Classes

    My mission is to provide students with quality education to ensure their success and to improve the field of education in a positive way. I help students to prepare for all types of exams and life success. To ensure the students get timely, effective and qualitative learning.



    Maths Classes For Class XITH

    He is a great teacher. He explains every thing very easily. Good experience in coaching institute…that institute teach how to handle difficult situation….and how to manage it…..very good experience …….

    Lalit Mittal


    Maths and Science Classes For Class XTH

    My interest in Mathematics grew up exponentially only because I was taught the subject by Navin Sir. I remember very clearly how Navin Sir never spoon fed me with the solutions instead asked me to think & rethink, so that my brain could learn how to process the problem logically. He not only guided me to tackle the problems but also made it relatively easier by drawing a parallelism to real life situations. Sir has always taught me that Hardwork can beat anything in this world, provided we remain consistent & disciplined. His guidance is not just limited to textbooks & examinations but it also flourishes outside the classrooms. I am beyond grateful to have been taught by sir.

    Suchi Pandey


    Maths Classes For Class XIITH

    I was always a Maths Anxious student since childhood but the thing that helped me grow was the constant support of my all time favourite teacher, Mr Navin Bhatia. He is a gem and now i can proudly say that I am a Maths Confident student with clear conceptual foundation in my mind. He has rightly named his coaching as Perfect Classes because he is just Perfect .


    Radhika Gupta


    Maths Classes

    The Best a student can get Not just a teacher, Navin Sir is more than that. Maths was the subject I used to hate and I still hate. My marks are a testimony of that. But the only coaching class where I used to go with interest was his class. You can’t study if you don’t get the right environment. Everyone likes to study in their own way and if you want to enjoy maths, then look nowhere else. Navin Sir’s humour makes study a sport. You will go their with same zest as you go to playground in your sports period. Basically you can study anywhere you want to. But if you want to experience a combination of personal tuition and coaching, then Navin Sir is for you. He takes care of every student the same way and that’s want we students want. *Less students, more focus, and full joy.* That’s the tagline of this coaching. Trust me you won’t regret going to him. Thank me later.

    Neeraj Sharma


    Maths Classes For Class IXTH

    Navin sir has been an Excellent teacher. The best thing about his teaching is that you can ask any question as many times as you want till you understand it completely and he teaches everytime the same question with patience.
    His motivation and inspiring words has always been my strength to practice mathematics, without his solutions I would not have been able to overcome my fear of solving the typical problems of this subject.
    I have been to many coachings but his coaching is the best among all.

    Shreya Agarwal


    Maths Classes

    Navin Sir has been one of the first and perhaps the most influential mentors of my life. Mathematics used to scare me in school and had it not been for Navin Sir, it would have constantly terrified me. Sir not only gave me a New perspective but also ignited my interest in Mathematics.

    Apart from the subject, he taught me some valuable lessons about life in general, which indeed helped me immensely to become better person.

    A numerical wizard- a guru- I have been blessed to have had Sir’s guidance throughout.

    Nachiketa Vajpayee


    Maths Classes

    Navin Sir has his own tricks and logics when it comes to solving tough problems which helps in quick grasping of the concept. He tries to make Maths problems fun due to which one does not feel bored and out of place in his class. It is rare to get teachers like him who focus so much on building concepts and logic first before moving onto solving complex problems.

    Shubham Bhatia


    Maths Classes

    Looking back at all the wonderful teachers I have had so far, I still say that Navin sir is my most favourite. He is not only a great teacher but also the best friend, guide and fatherly figure to all his students. He teaches with all his heart -he breaks down the most difficult questions and explains how it is nothing to fear, but to understand. He always uplifts and encourages his students to do better, answering questions and solving problems over and over again. Above all, the patience, warmth and comfort that he provides and the way he treats his students as his own children is incomparable. In short, BEST TEACHER ever.

    Abhiruchi Singh


    Maths Classes

    Navin Sir was my first tutor starting from 8th grade till my MBA entrance. I was one of his first students. The zeal, vigour and patience in his classes are unparalleled. He is always so friendly and kind and is willing to explain the same concepts over and again until each and every student is on the same page. His jovial nature is refreshing and his classes are entertaining. Thank you so much Sir for the beautiful foundation you laid for us.

    Vibhuti Tandon


    Maths Classes

    Navin sir, is extremely knowledgeable and a humble teacher.
    Throughout my journey with Perfect classes, Navin sir has guided me with the better approaches to adopt, for proper time management. He’s friendly and has unique/innovative ways of explaining concepts that students often find interesting and easy to grasp.
    At Perfect classes, students get one on one attention from Navin sir which indeed helped in covering the whole syllabus and getting my doubts resolved in time. I felt the environment was homely and had positive vibes which is apt for studying.
    To have a teacher/mentor like him was a blessing in disguise, Navin sir is a true inspiration.. Thank you so much sir !!

    Tanvi Saxena


    Maths Classes

    I started with Perfect classes having experienced many other teachers & instantly felt very comfortable with the way of teaching. It helps make the difficult concepts look easy.
    Navin sir gives good one on one guidance & makes sure you get the concept even if that meant explaining again & again, something I did not experience elsewhere.

    Shivang Saxena
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