Maths And Science For Class XTH

Perfect Classes is the best coaching centre for Maths And Science Classes For Class XTH. At Perfect Classes you will get the best education. We provide Maths And Science Classes for all the boards – CBSE, ICSE, ISC. We give personal attention to all the students, weekly test are conducted to check the performance of the students. Extra Classes are provided for doubt solving sessions. We teach through all famous books and writers like – R.D. SHARMA, R.S. AGARWAL, etc. We try to provide students with the best education.

At Perfect Classes the timings are flexible, Lessons are scheduled at times that are most convenient for your child.  Fees is very reasonable. We try to provide you with deep-knowledge in maths and science. The teacher helps you in every way possible and makes sure you get the concept even if it meant explaining again and again.

You will get all the support from our teacher for Maths and Science, I’ll make sure that you are never left behind and achieve your dreams. I work hard to provide you we the best education.

I assist Students with seeing more complicated formulas and Equations. Our emphasis is on building ideas and shaping personalities. Solid Understanding of ideas generally convert into great score in assessments.




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